By now most of you are likely familiar with my late mentor’s masterwork Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It.

You might though be less familiar with, which is now ready for its full launch!

This is a lovingly developed and completely free online version of the award-winning book, converting it into the hyperlinked format that its holistic structure suits so perfectly. It’s also easily searchable, which I know is something many people have longed for in the print version, even with my careful efforts in producing a thorough index.

It’s beautifully rendered too – a labour of love by Matthew Taylor, who hatched the idea after attending the 2017 Schumacher College course on David Fleming’s work.

We frantically pulled together a beta version of in time to integrate it into Spring 2020’s first run of the online course ‘Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time’ (incidentally, enrolments just opened for the next run in Jan 2021 – more to come on that!). With feedback and improvements from that now fully incorporated, including upgraded hosting, it’s ready for prime time!

So what more can I say other than – check it out! Join the conversations under each dictionary entry, or just browse its genius at your leisure.

We’re delighted to offer this resource to the world, as the present comes ever more to resemble the future that Lean Logic predicted, and its guidance on how we might change direction becomes ever more welcome.