I’m delighted to report that the Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, Florida have named The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation? as one of their official selections for 2019, celebrating it as “providing a deeply human way of looking at the root of our sustainability issues”.

It will screen there at 6pm on September 20th as part of a full day of programming to support the Children’s Strike for Climate (a cause close to my heart, having been out on the streets of London this week with the Extinction Rebellion). Both the director Peter Armstrong and I will participate via video-link, taking a Q&A after the screening.

We’re also busily putting together plans for the full launch in early 2020 (update – details here), though if you can’t wait that long to see it, there are a few ways to jump the queue (the first being tomorrow evening at the Seed Festival in Stroud!)