We’ve been given some excellent pictures of David in later life and now I’m searching for images of the younger David that will help in telling the story of his life. Lucy Barlow, David’s niece, kindly invited me over to look at the family archive, and shared this wonderful portrait of David grandfather. David Hay Fleming, who was a distinguished Scottish historian, antiquary and critic, living from 1849 to 1931.

Then Lucy came up with a picture of the house where David lived in his teens. It’s Kylsant House, in the Cotswolds, and is now a listed building. The family had preserved the picture on a biscuit tin…

The picture was dominated by the next-door pub sign, which I had to chop down.

Then, following another lead, I went back to my old college, Trinity College, Oxford, where David had also been an undergraduate a couple of years earlier. I met up with the very helpful archivist, Clare Hopkins, who came up with the relevant 1959 group photograph.

And luckily David is looking very splendid on the front row.

So we’re really grateful for these pictures. If anyone has any more they would like to share for inclusion in the film, we’d be delighted to hear from you. My email is peter [at sign] hwtrust.net.