As we continue the work of editing together the final film we’ve arrived at the exciting stage of finding a voice for David Fleming’s words. Readings from Lean Logic form a key element in the story we are telling, but of course we don’t have recordings of Fleming reading from his own posthumous book.

David Fleming had a very distinctive way of speaking – a bit posh and with great boyish enthusiasm to get his points across as they tumbled out of him, all intertwined like the entries in the dictionary he birthed. We certainly didn’t want to attempt an imitation of his voice, which would have sounded artificial and unconvincing. Rather we want to capture the spirit of his writing in a way that engages a whole new audience. At least that is what we are aiming for.

And we are very lucky to be working with Richard Cordery, a distinguished actor now appearing in Network at the National Theatre, and an experienced voice-over specialist. Here’s a new extract from the film with Richard reading from Lean Logic. He’s telling a simple story with which David intended to show how the simple desire for a pot can… well you’ll see!