The final teaser from our forthcoming David Fleming documentary looks at the response of people to the harsh austerity conditions in Greece since 2010.

And in particular at the informal health care system they created based on ‘solidarity clinics’, where doctors and pharmacists in their hundreds volunteer their time and experience, recognising that healthcare had been priced out of reach for many.

Having filmed off and on in Greece for more than 50 years, it was particularly sad to be focusing this time on scenes of decay and desperation. But meeting the volunteers working together as ‘Solidarity for All’ was the opposite: an inspiring example of empathy in action, making a real difference.

It’s a perfect example of what David wrote about in Surviving the Future:

“…the difficult task will not be to move away from our market-based civil society: that will fall away so fast that we will find it hard to believe it was ever there. The task, on the contrary, is to recognise that the seeds of a community ethic — and, indeed, of benevolence — still exist. It is to join up the remnants of local culture that survive, and give it the chance to get its confidence back.”

As Vasiliki Eliopoulou so aptly puts it in the clip above, this is the hope of the future.