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Iain McGilchrist and Lyla June join The Deeper Dive, three new books from alumni, and the passing of Michael Dowd

November 22, 2023

Since the above graphic was crafted, Mark Boyle and Eve Annecke have completed our lineup of guests for 2024.  All offered, as ever, under inclusive, trust-based pricing.

Ensuring that remains so is all part of the work in setting these up, mind, so while I hope they go on for many years to come, it’s certainly not a given!  The future never is, as our alumni know well.

As all good time travellers know, tiny changes in the present can have huge impacts in our future

December 9, 2022

Last winter we held the first 8-week Surviving the Future: The Deeper Dive online gathering, in collaboration with Vermont’s Sterling College.

It proved such a powerful experience that it is now set to be an annual adventure.

And one unexpected piece of news in recent months has been the launch of a new charitable foundation explicitly grounded in David Fleming’s work:
The Chelsea Green Foundation

On the occasion of David Fleming’s birthday, enrolments open for ‘Surviving the Future: The Deeper Dive’

January 2, 2022

Lots of you have been asking when we’d be launching the new, expanded
Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time
offering, in partnership with Vermont’s Sterling College. 

And I can think of no better way to mark David Fleming’s birthday than to announce that the answer is now!

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Highlights from our story to date

First ‘Surviving the Future: The Deeper Dive online course, with Jason Hickel, Vandana Shiva, Isa Frémeaux, David Abram, Kali Akuno, Nate Hagens, Eve Annecke and Rob Hopkins

January-March 2022

First ‘Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time online course, via Sterling College, USA.
250 enrollees from 25 countries

April-May 2020

Release of Peter Armstrong’s feature film about Fleming’s legacy
The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation?

March 2020

The Guardian profiles Kingston, New York as one of the cities putting Fleming’s insights into practice

October 2019

The European Parliament discusses Fleming’s TEQs system

September 2018

Sterling College’s U.S. symposium on Fleming’s legacy.  With Peter Buffett, David Bollier, Margo Baldwin, Richard Heinberg and Chuck Collins

December 2017

‘Community, Place and Play: A Post-Market Economics’ – Schumacher College, UK course on Fleming’s work. With Shaun Chamberlin, Mark Boyle, Rob Hopkins and Stephan Harding

February 2017

David Fleming’s books – Lean Logic and Surviving the Future – reach posthumous publication

November 2016

The All Party Parliamentary Group publish their report in support of TEQs, attracting global media coverage

January 2011

Interview with David Fleming, not long before his death in 2010

August 2009

(Further footage, including Fleming’s final interview in November 2010, available here)

UK government feasibility study into TEQs concludes that it is “ahead of its time”

May 2008

David Fleming’s seminal Energy and the Common Purpose published

October 2005

David Fleming’s first publication of the TEQs system

May 1996

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22 November 2023 – Iain McGilchrist & Lyla June join The Deeper Dive, three new books from alumni, and the passing of Michael Dowd
09 December 2022 – As all good time travellers know, tiny changes in the present can have huge impacts on the future
02 January 2022 – On the occasion of David Fleming’s birthday, enrolments open for ‘Surviving the Future: The Deeper Dive’
03 January 2021 – As 2021 dawns, how do we fill our future with fewer 2020s?
27 November 2020 – Celebration this Sunday – David Fleming: 10 Years on And enrolments now open for ‘Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time’!
03 April 2020 – ‘Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time’ online course starts Monday, launching $1.5m Sterling College programme
21 February 2020 – The Sequel film launch – tickets now available for March 16th
15 November 2019 – Our film ‘The Sequel’ reviewed, Guardian coverage, Extinction Rebellion involvement, Deep Time Walk app, and much more…
13 November 2018 – David Fleming film complete! The European Parliament discuss his work + audiobook going out via online radio
19 March 2018 – Audiobook out now, free books, first film screening, Sterling College course, and much more
13 November 2017 – Clips from the new David Fleming film, and international events for this month’s anniversary of his death
01 August 2017 – A film on David Fleming’s legacy, Spanish translation of Surviving the Future, and much more
06 May 2017 – David Fleming’s books spread their wings
05 December 2016 – Porritt, Hopkins, Scruton, reviews and footage from the launch events
08 September 2016 – David Fleming’s books launched!
21 December 2015 – Let’s save Christmas!
27 May 2015 – Here’s the definitive argument for TEQs, as interest continues to grow
31 October 2014 – MEPs support TEQs, new team members, and Happy Hallowe’en!
10 July 2014 – Your invite to Tuesday’s Parliamentary event, and Dr. Chris Shaw joins our team
13 May 2014 – From the Fleming Policy Centre
12 August 2013 – The climate/energy crisis begins to hit home
20 March 2013 – Our ignorance is not so vast…
5 April 2012 – Rationing introduced in the UK, but not in a helpful manner
8 December 2011 – Fighting for a better future, despite the UN climate talks in Durban
25 July 2011 – A flurry of activity as emissions levels keep rising
24 May 2011 – Meeting the Committee on Climate Change and presenting in Hungarian!
22 April 2011 – Do you want to be a TEQs ambassador?
3 March 2011 – Latest developments, and impatience!

For detailed developments from March 2011 back to Sept 2006 click here.
For an overview of the key developments since TEQs were developed in 1996, see pp. 39-40 of the Parliamentary report.